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Owner Produced Parts

Parts that were produced by an owner/operator for installation on their own aircraft... An owner/operator is considered a producer of a part if, the owner participated in controlling the design, manufacture, or quality of the part. Participating in the design of the part can include supervising the manufacture of the part or providing the manufacturer with the following: the design data, the materials with which to make the part, the fabrication process, assembly, methods, or the quality control (QC) procedures. (AC20-62E dated 12/23/10)

Under the FAA owner produced rules, K&K Precision Welding has the ability to assist you in producing the parts listed below:

  • Cessna 150 Model F,G,H, J and K P/N 0450040-1 P/N 0450040-2 (supersedes)

  • Cessna 150 P/N 0450046-5  

  • Cessna 172 with a 0.300 Continental engine   P/N 0550236-17

  • Cessna 172 Lycoming P/N 0550367-4

To begin this process the aircraft owner must complete and provide the Owner Produced Part form along with the original damaged part/material that they are requesting assistance with. The form can be downloaded as a pdf. file by clicking the link below.


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